Our History

1960 Mr Mehmet Ali DURAK establishes the DURAK hazelnut company with his brother and opens the first cracking plant in Unye/Ordu.

1969 First direct exports to Germany.

1979 Mr Mehmet Ali Durak deceases. His son Mr Hasan Basri Durak takes the lead of the 100% family company.

1991 The second hazelnut cracking plant is established in Terme/Samsun. Production of Organic Raw Hazelnuts (as a contractor).

2001 The third hazelnut cracking plant in Hendek/Sakarya has been established, to increase the product assortment by producing Akcakoca variety hazelnuts.

2004 The ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate has been received.

2006 The hazelnut processing plant of Cargill -one of the pioneer firms in the international food sector- in Hendek/Sakarya has been purchased and high quality processed hazelnuts has been add to the product range.

    Renovations at the Processing Plant:
  • Cold Storage (2500 mt)
  • Complete insulation of the Processing Plant and warehouses.
  • 2nd Paste Production line
  • 1 new Laser Sorter (Processing Plant)
  • 4 new Laser Sorters (Cracking Plants)
  • Temperature control at the palletizing area
  • Complete closure of the loading area
  • Complete overhaul of the external areas

2007 The ISO 22000: 2005 (Food Safety Management System Standard) HACCP certification has been obtained (TÜV RHEINLAND).

2008 The BRC A–Grade certification has been obtained (TÜV RHEINLAND). Production of Organic Raw & Roasted Hazelnuts (own project, 1200 mt/year).

2010 According to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Durak has become with a turnover of TL 201.032.021,- (US$ 134.000.000,-) in 2010, the 2nd largest Hazelnut company and 295th largest company in Turkey.

2010 A New 2400 m2 State of the Art Sorting Hall and intermediate storage area at the Cracking Plant in Hendek.

  • 2 Sorting Lines (130-150 mt/day):
  • 2 De-Stoners
  • 4 SEA Sound Resonance Sorters
  • 4 Laser Sorters
  • 2 Manual Sorting Tables
    Additional renovations at the Processing Plant:
  • 3rd Laser Sorter
  • 3rd Skin Remover
  • Complete New SS Sorting Tables
  • Complete New Product Elevators

2011 The cracking and storage capacity of the Terme Cracking plant has been increased by 35%.

2011 According to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Durak became with a turnover of TL 364.891.188,- (US$ 208.509.250,-) in 2011, the 2nd largest Hazelnut company and 211th largest company in Turkey.

2012 The ISO 14001 Environmental Management Cert. (TÜV RHEINLAND) has been obtained.

2012 A new production hall of 4000 m2 with a second roasting line and a second dicing line has been built.

2012 According to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Durak became with a turnover of TL 347.107.712,- (US$ 198.347.264,-) in 2012, the 2nd largest Hazelnut company and 242nd largest company in Turkey.

2013 The storage capacity at the Processing Plant has been extended by 6000 m2, out of which 1700 m2 is cooled storage.

2013 According to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Durak is with a turnover of TL 421.861.185,- (US$ 220.869.730,-) in 2013 still the 2nd largest Hazelnut company and 204th largest company in Turkey.

2013 A third paste production line has been built, which increased the paste production capacity by 100%.

2013 A third roasting line has been built.

2013 The Ünye Fiskobirlik Cracking Plant (21.000 m2, 10.000 m2 closed area, 15.000 mt storage) has been purchased.

2015 In order to keep up with the increased demand, a 4th cracking plant in the Akcakoca region, also in Hendek/Sakarya, has been bought and completely renewed.

2015 The 2015 turnover has reached TL 889.814.058,- (US$ 345.000.000,-), out of which the exports amount is US$ 203.400.029,-, which places us among the top three hazelnut companies in Turkey.

2016 UTZ certified products are added to our product portfolio.

2016 The 2016 turnover has reached TL 604.000.000,- (US$ 200.000.000,-), out of which the exports amount is US$ 114.724.090,- .

Our Mission

To process Turkish hazelnuts at the best quality and promote it and its taste to the world.

Our Vision

Provide customer oriented service.
Provide service on time, complete and undamaged.
Be beneficial to society, the environment and humanity.
Apply the quality management system with utmost care and pursue continuous restoration and development.
Be always a benchmark and preferred company.
Ensure the sustainability of these principles and share its happiness with our customers, employer and employees.

Our Environmental Policy

We, the managers, staff and suppliers of DURAK FINDIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S., are determined to accommodate everything necessary at our company to protect the environment with effective and successful studies. We are aware that this is the only way to contribute to the studies and efforts to leave a livable environment to the next generations. For this purpose all of the below intentions and principles will be applied at the management of the environmental aspects of all of our actions, products and services realized at our processing plant as good as possible:

  1. Laws, regulations, legislations and principles related to environmental management will be embraced and applied.
  2. Technologies and methods, which save the environment and resources, will be searched, followed and applied.
  3. In order to prevent pollutions by waste, which cannot be omitted completely, measures to minimize these wastes and its negative impacts on the environment will be taken.
  4. Studies to save the environment will be realized under a continuous development approach.
  5. The environmental sensibility will be enhanced at the workplace (and society) through education and participation.
  6. Actions related to the environment will be established and developed according to the TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  7. In order to become a preferred company at the national and international markets, the quality and environmental understanding will be backed up by accredited certifications.